TIG Approach

A significant part of our net worth is invested in TIGfund

TIG Approach

  • We wait for the best pitches and swing when there is a high probability of a home run
  • Risk averse: Protected by Margin of Safety and a robust investment process
  • We ignore the crowd and think independently
  • Interests are aligned with shareholders: Significant part of our net worth is invested in TIGfund
  • Periods of fear and panic in the markets yield the best buying opportunities

Unquestionable long term commitment

  • Invest on a multi year view to attain superior results
  • High returns do not materialize overnight but require long term commitment
  • We are highly passionate about our business and plan to be in the investment management business for the very long term

Psychological focus

  • We go the independent way
  • We are risk averse when market sentiment is high, and courageous and aggressive when low
  • We prefer to be measured over a long term period as it allows for evaluation of investment strategy through an economic cycle
  • Investors best suited to our strategy are committed and prepared to invest through the cycles